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Willy Paul Msafi – Biography

Willy Paul Msafi

His real and or ID Names are Wilson Abubakar Radido. He was born in February 1993 in Mathare Slums. He is a Kenyan Musician who won the Male Artist of the Year in 2013. Her sister in the industry and whom they have done collabos with; Gloria Muliro won the Female Artists of the year.

Background Life

Willy Paul is the son of Mr. Radido who is from Ugandan descent and who was a carpenter while his wife, an immigrant from Tanzania, was a saloonist up until 2011 when a chronic illness confined her to her bed. Willy Paul dropped out of school in 2011 due to financial constraints emanating from having lost his father. He was forced to engage in Juakali jobs to generate income to support his bed-ridden mother alongside his three siblings. His major breakthrough in music came in 2010 when he co-authored his first single Sitolia with Gloria Muliro, which has a reflection of his life history, depicting the struggles he had gone through but giving himself a renewed hope that God had been faithful enough to bring him to the limelight. "[...]"  Read More!

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