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Interpersonal Skills

The ability to communicate within an organization depends heavily upon people's interpersonal skills. These are the tools people use to interact and communicate with individuals in an organizational environment. At #jmexclusives, we improve your interpersonal skills through our consultancy services. We also offer free interpersonal related skills to our clients and employees. But, before we come to that, let us have a preview of what all this entails.

Artistic Ability

Are you an Artistic abled or a creative abled person? 

If I can’t paint or draw, I’m not creative. No! We all have a distinctive ability to mold our lives and earn or help out in the society we live in. From painting, publishing, design, sculpturing, modeling or even offering critical knowledge in forms of talks.Stop looking at somebody else who does so well in life by doing what you admire, but, instead look for a way to improve others as well through what you can do best. These abilities can be either artistic or creative or even both at the same time. Joseph Mucira used to be a portrait artist but got caught up in the creative skills through computers. "[...]"  Read More!

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