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Dynasty Season One Finale – Plot


In the first season’s cliffhanger ending, Steven and Sammy Jo get married, Liam returns, Claudia goes after Cristal and a fire erupts with everyone trapped inside. The entire season is now on Netflix. Or watch from where most of us are watching now! CLICK HERE!

It’s Steven and Sam’s wedding day, but that’s just the convenient setting bringing everyone together because the wedding is of almost no importance. It goes off without a hitch, and Sam and Steven get to be happy together — for about five minutes. Around them, all hell is breaking loose. First, the Colbys storm in, demanding their share of Thomas Carrington’s company. Fallon’s reaction to this is surprisingly mellow, considering she was romantically involved with Jeff, but she’s a lot less happy about it when the Colbys convince Faux Adam (“Fadam”) to side with them and sell Carrington Atlantic to a Russian oligarch. "[...]"  Read More!

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