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Smoothies Beneficial Secrets

Smoothies Beneficial Secrets

Smoothies beneficial secrets are limitless. A smoothie is a thick, creamy and cold beverage made from pureed raw fruit, vegetables, and sometimes dairy products, typically using a blender.

Pregnancy Foods to include in your diet

Pregnancy Foods

It is the at the heart of every mother to take the responsibility in giving birth to a healthy baby. More so if they are the first time, mothers. Eating well-balanced meals is important at all times, but it is even more essential when you are pregnant. There are essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your developing baby needs. 

Top 10 Richest Superheroes

When we talk about superheroes, we talk about their superpowers, their strength, their ability to attract women, and the same can be said for superheroines. But today we are not going to babble about some supernatural power, who is superior and all that, instead, we will talk about their wealth. The question is who has the most? In one of the most stand-out lines and rather a hilarious scene, when Barry Allen asked Bruce Wayne “what are your superpowers again?” He answered, “I’m Rich.” As simple as that. Well, Batman sure is the fan favorite, he is rich, lives a life of a playboy and also a philanthropist but he is not alone. "[...]"  Read More!

Mercy Masika – Biography

Mercy Masika is a worship leader at Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), music composer, songwriter, and a performing artist. Above all, she is a loving mother and a wife. Her music is the word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit. In truth, it is very rare to hear a Mercy Masika song speaking of anything else other than God and the things He has done in her life. Popularly known by the song “Amukomete{wake-up}” which hit the airwaves from 2003 and Mwema which hit on 2014, her devotion is unrivaled too. "[...]"  Read More!


African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) is the sole award ceremony in Diaspora that caters to all musical genres including but not limited to Afrobeats, Assiko, Bongo, Decale, Funana, Genge, Highlife, Kwaito, Gospel, Lingala, and Soukous.

On the 26th of July, 2014 at Eisseman Center, Dallas, Texas, history was made as the first edition of the AFRICAN MUZIK MAGAZINE AWARDS (AFRIMMA) came to life. It was a night of celebration of African music and the best of African music talents with performances from Fally Ipupa, Eddy Kenzo, Tekno, Davido, Flavour, Alaine, Wyre, Khuli Chana, Iyanya, 2face, T-Pain and many more. "[...]"  Read More!

David Adede – Biography

About David Adede

In Migori County, near the southwestern border between Kenya and Tanzania, David Adede was raised in a humble background. After completing high school, he had to take up odd jobs to cater for the basic needs. He started off as a charcoal burner to a casual laborer at sugarcane plantation, later as second-hand cloth dealer before finally landing a contract as an Untrained Teacher. David later got an employment as a market clerk with British American Tobacco (K) before joining the University of Nairobi. As a student, he was lucky to receive support from Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) while partly operating as an amateur photographer to generate extra income for survival in the campus. He served in Chiromo Campus Christian Union’s Executive Committee and participated in several evangelistic missions. "[...]"  Read More!

Damian Marley – Biography

Damian Marley is a Grammy Award-winning reggae musician and the son of Bob Marley. His biggest hit is the song “Welcome to Jamrock.” Damian Marley was born on July 21, 1978, in Kingston, Jamaica to reggae legend Bob Marley and 1976 Miss World, Cindy Breakspeare. As a teenager, Damian performed with the Shepherds, but worked with his older brother Stephen on his first album, “Mr. Marley.” Damian’s commercial breakthrough was the 2004 single “Welcome to Jamrock.” He’s won two Grammy awards and lives in Miami, Florida. "[...]"  Read More!

Joy Mugambi – Biography

Joy Mugambi aka Makanda Margaret is a Kenyan gospel singer born again worshipper, singer, choir leader, songwriter, composer, and counselor. Well-known for Yesu Onyala (Jesus you are able) song that is a Luhya song and Jiwe Yesu (Jesus the solid rock) sang in churches across Kenya. Joy was born in western part of Kenya, Bungoma county Mt. Elgon sub-county to  Mr. Isaac Makanda Takei (Kenyan father) and Jane Khalija (Ugandan mother) a third born in a family of 15 children. Joy speaks Saboat, Bukusu, Luganda, Lugisu, Kiswahili, English and now Ameru where she is married. Married to Mr. Christopher Mugambi and a mother of 3.Joy Mugambi schooled at Bubulo Primary School in Uganda to class 6 then transferred to Kenya Tamulega primary school then to Kolanya girls high school where her singing gift was well discovered. Joy wedded the love of her life in 2005 Mr. Christopher Mugambi an associate minister and a leader of the evangelism team in Life Church International under Apostle Dr. David Juma and Asunta Juma who is also a leader of Emmanuel fellowship Evangelistic interdenominational ministry Kenya. Joy started singing at 12yrs both in church and school. At 14yrs she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior then joined praise and worship, choir, and singing club in secondary schools, this exposed her to different groups like bands that she continued sharpening her gift and ministry in singing. Joy released her first album that was well received in the nation hence invitations to local radio and tv stations in Kenya. This opened many doors of ministry to the Nations like ministry in Uganda and Tanzania. Her second album Jiwe Yesu widened span of ministry and now has released a 3rd album entitled Mungu Wangu. Joy Mugambi is a child who was born out of wedlock as she narrates on one of our interviews. Born from a Ugandan mother and a Kenyan father, where she stayed with her mother up to class 6 in Uganda and later rejoined with her father after much-contested family battles which ruled in favor of the father. This means that Joy was allowed to rejoin his fathers land Kenya without her mother. Joy Mugambi knows the problems of children under single parenthood, or no parent and has become an inspiration to many that she has mentored and are now great leaders in the nation. Joy Mugambi knows the best court and its rulings are in Gods favor hence she puts all her trust in God. Watch Joy Mugambi’s most recent music videos for free by clicking the video player below; Joy Mugambi runs a Joy Music Foundation assisting the less fortunate in society and she runs a counseling ministry on Youth and Family matters. She has mentored and counseled many morally and spiritually whereas she says, she loves equipping new believers on the word of God. Joy Mugambi is a professionally trained medical technologist running Emmanuel laboratory supplies as the director. Find Joy Mugambi on Facebook – Click Here! Find Joy Mugambi on Twitter – Click Here! Find Joy Mugambi on Instagram – Click Here! See all her new Videos via YouTube – Click Here! Download her recent music for free – Click Here!

Angela Chibalonza – Biography

Years after her tragic death in a road accident, Angela’s music, and influence have proven to be larger than life as the demand for her music still roams. Whenever you mention the Gospel stars in #Kenyan, for instance, the likes of Gloria Muliro, Mercy Masika, Janet Otieno, Kambua, Size8 Cizarina Nasirumbi, Joy Mugambi, Edel Kweyu, Faith Kithele,Damaris Manzi, Tabby Chacha and others, you would not forget or you will get knocked down by the angelic and birdlike voice of Angela Chibalonza. Her vibrant music still lingers our minds years after her tragic death. Angela Chibalonza Runinga Muliri is a famous gospel singer in Kenya, the talent of which manifested itself in early childhood – was the delight of our ears as we grew up to who we are today. I used to listen to her hit songs when I was in lower class back in the 90s and we grew up being taught to sing some of her songs. May the Lord Rest Her Soul in Peace. Our hopes are that we shall one day meet her and wherever she is, she is rejoicing with the Angels. "[...]"  Read More!


Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. According to Business Insider by way of Edison Research, it’s the second most popular audio streaming service next to Pandora. It pretty much has it all, from the biggest artists of today and yesteryear to the indie artists that only your cool cousin Kanye has heard of. Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from artists all over the world. "[...]"  Read More!

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