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Affiliate Marketing Program Beginners Guide

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing falls under a large umbrella of affiliate programs. The affiliate programs are also known as associate programs. In addition, the programs or referral associates are carried out by professional affiliates. If you have ever asked yourself what are affiliates, and more importantly what they do, then keep reading. 

Social Media Campaign Budgeting

Realistic Social Media Campaign Budgeting

Social Media Campaign Budgeting has become a topic with time on all digital & online media platforms. However, without an expound knowledge base, this may seem as a Pandora box. Occasionally, we receive questions on this topic from our clients as well as our site visitors and felt it important if we could address it.

URL Components

Website URL

URL Components (Uniform Resource Locator) is a specific type of URI (Universal Resource Identifier). A URL normally locates an existing resource on the Internet. A URL is used when a web client makes a request to a server for a resource.

WebSite Menu


Website Menu is the genesis of a good website. In addition, Web links (or URLs) are often quite long. Many companies use a custom link shortener to reduce the number of characters in a URL when they're looking to share white papers, blog posts, and other content — and not just because it helps them stay under character count limits. Shortened links can be used to easily track and measure web traffic, clicks, marketing campaigns, and traffic sources. Among these is the site main lead called the Menu.

Digital & Social Media Profiling

Social Media

Digital & Social media Profiling and audience profiling is the process of constructing a user's profile. Also, achieved by using his or her publicly and voluntarily shared social data. In general, it is a process of generating a person's profile with computerized algorithms and technology.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google Search results. You don't have to sign up for Search Console for your site to be included in Google's search results, but doing so can help you understand how Google views your site and optimize its performance in search results.


Our Most (Frequently Asked Questions) – Find Some Answers Below.

Yes! A blog is one of those non-negotiables. Apart from all of the benefits it provides on its own, such as increasing your credibility as an industry expert and providing fresh, keyword-rich content on a regular basis to please the search engines, a blog is a vital component of social media marketing. Contact Us!
When you’re trying to make money for your business, spending money on a new logo or photos may not be your top priority. But unless you’re inundated with clients – it should be. The internet audience is impatient and is used to having a choice, and lots of it. Contact Us!
Success is measured using the same metrics you use for any other marketing activity: traffic, leads, and customers. Counting the number of fans or followers you have can help you understand your social media reach, but the bottom line that determines its success is how many people it drives to your site, how many of them are qualified leads, and how many of them actually become customers. Contact Us!
The only time a financial value is put on intangible assets is when a business is either bought or sold. A company’s major asset may not be its premises or equipment, but its customer list and the quality of the relationships it has with those customers. Contact Us!
Registration is not essential. But it will help in any future dispute if your trademark is registered with the Trade Marks Registry (part of the Intellectual Property Office). To register, your mark must be “distinctive in relation to the goods for which registration is sought” and “not deceptive or contrary to law or morality”. Contact Us!
A separate logo, as a distinct way of writing your company or product name, is not an essential requirement for a brand. Many well-known and profitable brands exist without logos. Often they rely on their name to create the necessary impact rather than a graphic. Contact Us!
Deciding on your values or what makes you special need not cost anything. However, communicating your brand message and style will inevitably require a budget commitment. Contact Us!
It will probably take you years to build up a widely-recognized brand; the sooner you start the better. Contact Us!
The answer to this is absolutely right. Google, Yahoo, Bing or Yandex yourself, are you well represented online? Perhaps no. Having a well-built website is not enough nowadays, but, having a website that is well optimized for search engines is a milestone ahead towards improving your online presence and awareness. Gone are days when people used to spend countless minutes looking at your smartly dressed site, instead, they are always in a rush to find resources, content, products, referrals and other search materials and fast. But, without enough ranking on your links and titles to the net web, you don’t receive quite enough attention and traffics. Contact Us!
At #jmexclusives, the first stage is knowing you better, you initiate your first conversation with us explaining why you need a certain service and we will give you an elaborate feedback. After that, depending on the service, we offer you a work plan (both short-term and long-term) and facilitation budget to achieve your desire. This includes when to start the project, how to tackle the project and means of communication. More information is always given to you upon request. Contact Us!
Reaching out to consumers and establishing a brand is an important part of succeeding in business. Without marketing solutions, a business has a very high chance of failure. Online marketing is a strategy that helps build up a company’s reputation and exposure online by using a variety of internet tools and solutions. Contact Us!
Our social media management pricing ranges from $400-$1000 per month on average. This price varies based on the number of channels and posts we are managing for you. Please note that this price is our fee to perform services on your behalf. It does not include any advertising dollars to run paid ads on social media. It compensates us for the time it takes to manage your campaign. You will have a well-trained and experienced social media manager assigned your account who will run your campaign and report the results directly to you. The value of this service is that it will save you time, money, and allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business. Contact Us!
The answer is yes. There aren’t many businesses that can survive without a Web presence and there’s no reason not to have a website. Your company’s website can be a highly effective marketing tool that can be very cost-efficient. There are quite a few benefits, and very little downsides. Contact Us!
What do Nike, Apple, and the Kardashians have in common? They’re all huge brands that leave consumers thirsty for more of whatever they’re selling. A brand manager has a lot to do with that. In an oversaturated marketplace, a brand manager makes sure products, services, and even people resonate. Contact Us!
Video 'outro' (aka 'end slate' or 'end card') is a term widely used in the YouTube community to describe a short-length animated clip appended at the end of a production video. An outro typically features one or more snippets of the channel's previous videos and a 'subscribe' call-to-action button. Video producers tend to make outros interactive by adding YouTube annotations (i.e. tagging the areas of the video that they want to become linked to desired web sources - usually past videos and their channel URL). Contact Us!
Digital branding is about establishing your brand’s story and presence in the digital space. Digital branding is the key to establishing a meaningful connection with your target audience. It’s about using your unique proposition to differentiate yourself and your offerings from the competition. Contact Us!


Photography can be an art, a hobby, or just a way of documenting your own life. For some, photography can also be a career. Professional photographers work in a variety of fields, from advertising to journalism. You can also work independently, doing portraiture or creating and selling prints for display. How to Choose Photographer It is imperative for a client to hire a professional photographer when a critical event is nearing.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement



When you register, subscribe, sign for or purchase something from our store, as part of the buying and selling process, we collect the personal information you give us such as your name, address and email address. When you browse our store, we also automatically receive your computer’s internet protocol (IP) address in order to provide us with information that helps us learn about your browser and operating system. Email marketing (if applicable): With your permission, we may send you emails about our latest clients, news updates, thoughts, articles, about our store, new products, and other updates. "[...]"  Read More!

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