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trademark registration

Registration of your Trade Mark gives you an exclusive right to that mark.

What is trademark registration?

Do you have that mark, that word, that sign or brand that you identify with? Well, until you register it, it is not yours and you have no exclusive claim to it. A trademark is a mark or sign that distinguishes the goods of one entity from another. The trademark may consist of one or more distinctive word, letter, numbers, drawings, pictures, signatures, colors or a combination of all these. Service Mark is a sign which serves to distinguish services of one entity from another. It may consist of the same characteristics as those of a Trade Mark.

Who can register a Trademark?

Any individual, company, partnership or society can register a Trademark as long as they meet the necessary requirements.

Why register your Trade Mark?

It helps distinguish your products from that of other competitors. Registration of your Trade Mark gives you an exclusive right to that mark. It is evidence that the mark is yours and affords you legal rights against others who may want to infringe your right to that mark. Examples of Trademarks include Jogoo which Unga Limited owns, Toyota by Toyota Company. These marks register under the respective companies and as such, they have exclusive rights to those marks. The process of registration also involves extensive searches to ensure that your mark does not resemble any existing Trademarks. This helps you avoid being sued for infringing on other peoples Trademark.

Requirements for registration of a Trademark in Kenya.

  • The name of a company, individual or firm, represented in a special or particular manner.
  • The signature of the applicant for registration.
  • An invented word or invented words.
  • Any other distinctive mark.

Procedure for registration of a Trademark in Kenya.

The Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) is the body that mandates the registration of Trademarks.

Preliminary search

A search conducts before applying for registration. To find out if the Trademark can register or not. Registration will not go through if the mark/ sign resembles another registered Trademark. Though not mandatory it is important to conduct a search before proceeding with the registration process. To avoid spending time and money on an application that will not go through. The relevant form is Form TM 27.

Application for registration of Trademark

You conduct the Preliminary search and the mark can be registered. The next step will be to make an application for registration. This involves  Form TM 2 and TM 32. For foreign companies to register their Trademarks in Kenya. They have to appoint an agent in Kenya and as such, they will. In addition to Form, TM 2 and TM 32 require Form TM 1 for an appointment of the agent.

Examination stage

At this stage, the Registrar examines your application to ensure filing of the correct documents. Also, your mark does not resemble any registered Trademark. An examination report issue. This report will inform you whether your mark approves for registration or not. If it approves you will require to pay the advertisement fee and registration fee.

trademark registration

This stamp approves the mark is legible for trademark registration.

Advertisement stage

If the Registrar approves the mark for registration he will instruct you to pay an advertisement fee. Then, the mark advertises in the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) journal for 60 days. This is to allow any person that opposes the registration of your mark raises their objection. However, if no opposition it proceeds to registration. If opposition raises, a notice of opposition in the form of Form TM 6 is filed and opposition proceedings begin.


This is the final stage in the registration process. If no opposition raises upon advertisement, the application will register. Then, the Registrar will issue a certificate of registration of Trademark.

Forms for Registration of a Trademark

  • TM 27 (not mandatory but advisable)
  • 2 – Application for registration of Trademark
  • 32 – Application to enter or alter the address of service
  • 1 – For foreign applicants (appointment of agents)

So go ahead and register that mark in Kenya that distinguishes your product, your services from your competitor’s. A good brand name can be an entity’s biggest asset. If you would like to register a trademark in Kenya,  please write to the Kenya Industrial Property Institute through or reach  The jmexclusives Team for more support and advice. All the best though.

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