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As digital learning in schools and districts moves from strategic planning and pilot projects to sustainable implementations. The need for securing student data privacy has increased. Before you can secure it. First, we must agree on what is ‘student data’ today, and where to find it on your network? Data breaches from outside school perimeters, data leakage or accidental breaches? And what about cyberbullying and other unacceptable digital behaviors?

According to the 2016 CoSN IT Leadership Survey, 90% of K-12 IT administrators expect their curricula to be at least 50% Digital in the next 3 years. With this transition to a collaborative, blended learning environment. Therefore, the network is no longer a nice to have but depended on to be always available. Hence, elevate the classroom experience for teachers and their students.

Talinda East Africa in conjunction with Ruckus solutions provide a continuous, non-stop wired and wireless networked learning environment. That adapts to the needs of instructional technology applications and its users. Thus, enabling flexible learning spaces for STEM lessons, screencasting, classroom experience, online assessments or even virtual reality field trips.

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