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Born in Mexico in 1968, pop singer Gloria Trevi became a star in the 1990s when her debut album Que Hago Aqui? (What Am I Doing Here?) (1989) topped the charts. Her career fell apart shortly after, however, when she and manager Sergio Andrade were accused of corrupting minors, sexual abuse, and kidnapping. The couple fled Mexico but were arrested in Brazil in 2000 and were jailed. Trevi was released in 2004 and attempted to revive her career with a new album and tour.

Born Gloria de Los Angeles Trevino Ruiz, on February 15, 1968, in Monterrey, Mexico, she was the eldest of five siblings. Her dreams of being an entertainer began young. Trevi started learning poetry recital at age five, followed by ballet and piano lessons, and later learned to play the drums. Her parents divorced when she was 10 and she left home at age 12, against her mother’s wishes.

In 1980 Trevi went alone to Mexico City, with no money, to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She earned money in any way she could, including singing and dancing in the street, teaching aerobics and working at a taco stand. In 1984 the 16-year-old Trevi met Sergio Andrade, 28, who became her mentor. In 1985, she briefly joined a girl band called Boquitas Pintadas (Little Mouths with Lipstick). Heavily influenced by British and American rock, as well as by Latin music, Trevi decided to become a solo artist. With Sergio Andrade as her manager, Trevi released her debut album Que Hago Aqui? (What Am I Doing Here?) (1989), which was an instant chart success.

Between 1991 and 1996, Trevi released five albums and starred in three Mexican box-offices hit films. In 1992 she toured the Caribbean and South America, playing to audiences in the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile and Puerto Rico. Her music was provocative and political, with lyrics dripping in sexual innuendo, but her aim was always to expose hypocrites. Continue Reading!

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