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Plenty of musical content is already available for streaming on platforms like YouTube and Daily Motion, but these platforms often don’t provide a comprehensive licensing environment like dedicated music streaming platforms. It therefore definitely seems wise to make content available, at least on stores that pay decent revenue to artists. Besides simply creating revenue, there are other benefits for artists to being present on streaming platforms. It also opens up possibilities to reach new audiences. Considering that approximately 2.5 billion people worldwide don’t have bank accounts and 2 billion of them are using mobile technology.

Simfy Africa was launched 2010 in South Africa and is wholly owned by Exactmobile. It has a catalogue of 27 million songs across all genres. However, local music only makes 5% of their catalogue. The streaming service is available in Nigeria and South Africa, where users can try the platform for two weeks free of charge, and thereafter need to chose one of the subscription packages, which range from R25 to R60 per month. The artist gets paid a proportionate share of subscription revenue or a proportionate share of the ad-revenue. The payout rates fluctuate each month, depending on how much revenue was generated and how often music was streamed, so a clear answer on revenue to an artist per stream can’t be given.

Be the first to discover new releases, re-acquaint yourself with all your old favourites. Your new favourite song, album, artist or playlist is just a click away.Whether you’re at work or home just open any popular browser on your computer or laptop to start your listening experience. Or use the simfy africa desktop apps for Mac or Windows, to take your music off-line, so that you can listen to it even when you are not connected.

As a simfy africa member you have access to their complete catalogue of songs and artists. You can listen and play these songs through the website or you can download apps for your computer or Smart phone enabling you to access all music and playlists where ever you go. By making use of the “Offline Mode” feature, you can listen and access your playlists without an internet connection. simfy africa has various packages to suit your needs (see below). simfy africa offers a free 14-day trial period and thereafter you will be charged according to the package that you chose. However, except for data charges; there are no additional costs to get the music you want to listen to.

You can choose from various packages:

  • Monthly Package
    Packages: Once-off Payment or Automatic Renewal
    Payment Option: Credit Card or Mobile Payment
    Cost: R60 per month
  • 3 Months, 6 Months or Yearly
    Packages: Once-Off Payment
    Payment Option: Credit Card

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