I have never physically seen The Statue of Liberty, have you?

At times, I do always challenge my team about focusing on using figurative and narratives while directing any video projects. Whether it is a documentary, a music or even a film, the use of existing iconic statues, landmarks or monuments not only familiarizes us with the culture of the location but, also allows us to sell our beautiful scenes to the world.

About the Statue of Liberty

A project should be able to give us a reliable background movement of things we are not aware of or have never seen in our entire lives. Even if the appearance may be value added during the graphics editing process, some of the locations we pick may interest the reader or the person viewing our work to want to visit the specifics where these iconic and or Pandora worlds exist. More to say so, I have never been to either The United States of America or even The United Kingdom to experience the historical iconic figures, but, through watching various films, I find these figures perplexing and worth visiting and having a caption with them.

This apart from adding value to what is being portrayed also captivates our mind to want to associate ourselves with the acting location some of which never existed in the first place except in the mind of the storyteller or even the video directors or the scene directors. Some movies which will captivate you to the end include the Titanic, Avatar, Black Panther, Jumanji just but to mention a few.

If you have a close eye, you will see that the current film producers are sampling out some of the best and iconic monuments to identify several statuses of individual Mega Nations. From the United States of America – Statue of Liberty to Britain’s – The London Eye and many other more Hollywood films documented icons as well as those you already know by now or have watched through The National Geographic. If you are not good in research work, let me inform little known to you about The Statue of Liberty

Did you know that “The Statue of Liberty” was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States and is recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy? The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886.  It was designated as a National Monument in 1924.  Employees of the National Park Service have been caring for the colossal copper statue since 1933.

The Statue of Liberty exhibit, which opened in July 1986 and is located on the second floor in the pedestal of the Statue, traces the history and symbolism of the Statue of Liberty through museum objects, photographs, prints, videos, and oral histories. In addition to historical artifacts and descriptive text, full-scale replicas of the Statue’s face and foot are also on display.

The main historical sections include: From Idea to Image, Fabricating the Statue, Stretching Technology, Fundraising in France, The Pedestal, Fundraising in America, and Complete at Last. The next area focuses on the symbolism of Liberty with sections titled Mother of Exiles, Becoming the Statue of America, Century of Souvenirs, The Image Exploited and The Statue in Popular Culture.

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