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Cizarina Nasirumbi – Biography

About Cizarina Nasirumbi

Cizarina Nasirumbi is a Soulful Worshipper and a Pop-Gospel Singer. She touches the hearts of her listeners with her deep Spiritual and Inspirational lyrics. In addition, her music is laced with lush vocals, brassy vocal expressions, and sweet melodies. Uniquely, the songwriter portrays the imprint of God’s word in a song. She also plays the piano and writes breath-taking ballads. Cizarina is also a very good blogger and vlogger.

Cizarina Music


Her Music Journey

Born in Mombasa, Cizarina started out her musical journey with songwriting at the age of 7. At the age 9, her mother bought a baby keyboard (Casio). Cizarina by herself began to experiment on simple 3-part harmonies on key C by ear. In fact, it became obvious to her she could use primary chords to harmonize songs she heard on the keyboard. As her piano skills grew, her mother picked up her musical aptitude and pushed her to study piano for some time.

She schooled at Kenya High School Nairobi, Landmark University, Nigeri and Berklee College of MMusic, Boston, MA (Summer School).

Though the private lessons were short-lived, her academic music lessons made up for the skills. Later on, Cizarina joined the school choir and sang alto. It is there that her voice training began. Unknown to her, she would develop her singing in genres not many Kenyan artists venture into. Having started out as a songwriter, it was easy for her to flip musical styles as inspired.

She began to write breathtaking ballads and her style leaned more towards pop-gospel. When Cizarina first started writing songs, she had not even a single clue who would sing them, or how they would sound. Only after high school that she knew she could do it because she had great inspiration and ideas to her songs. By then she had started out making tracks using the church keyboard. It’s at that time that she really started arranging vocals for her songs.

Cizarina Music


Being Cizarina Nasirumbi

Cizarina so far has written over 400 songs. Indeed, up to date, she is still writing. Her inspiration is life, reality, and God. She writes her songs based on experiences she’s been through, what others are going through, her thoughts, her beliefs, her observations, her feelings, expectations, and her dreams. Her songs are edgy, some are classic ballads that will never fade away. She has done back up vocals for various artists including Uche Agu, David Essengo, Hellon, JackyB, Marvelous Arunda etc.

Nasirumbi sings in the church choir and has recorded 4 albums with her previous choir. Especially, taking lead vocals for some of the songs. In addition, she produced some songs with her friends before, and still co-produces her music. They were called Shekinah, but the group (and band) didn’t last long. Needless to say, her songs give hope to the hopeless and dreams to those in despair. It’s God’s hope to a depressed and dying world.

Cizarina Nasirumbi


Her Social Life

Cizarina Nasirumbi is superb and proactive in all her social life. Especially, through her social media profiles; from Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and even Facebook. Nonetheless, through our exclusives support in her communication and social media management, her reputation is now increasing. She is able to reach out her message to a thousand folds. Cizarina has a futuristic line of interest in blogging, vlogging, and Mentorship Programs. Nasirumbi also shares part of her life commitments to charitable works. You can find more about her through her social media profiles below.

Her Music Platforms

Her music is available on almost all digital platforms which include and not limited to; Mdundo, Boomplay, and YouTube. Again, you can also find more of her music platforms by visiting Google Apps. In addition, you can follow her YouTube channel through the Playlist provided below.


The Gospel Star has inspired and educated quite a lot of people through her music and ministry. We hope to see more progress in her future career. Therefore, if you are a Musician looking for a Management and Support team, we are always ready to help. Send your defined proposal through our email – info@josephmuciraexclusives.com. You can also visit our Contacts Page. To see more Biographies, please CLICK HERE!

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