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Whenever the name WordPress is mentioned, many users instantly know what you are talking about, but few of them know that Woocommerce is the e-commerce plugin developed by WordPress in 2011 and that since then till now, it has gotten thousands of users. There are numerous advantages that this plugin offers and this post would highlight a few of them so in case you are looking to start an e-commerce site, you should not have to look very much further from Woocommerce.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular and efficient content management platforms in the world and Woocommerce was developed by it, for it. This alone stands as a major advantage for the uses of the plugin. Because of the popularity of WordPress, using a plugin designed by the same developer would assure that visitors to your site remain on the familiar ground. This is a factor that is sure to increase conversion rates

WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce platform, used by 30% of all online stores and over one million websites. It’s perfect for a start-up online store, someone looking for a more user-friendly option to migrate over to, and for million-dollar retailers alike. It’s filled with themes and plugins that make adding functionality to your online store as your needs and business grow easy to do. And unlike most of its competitors, it is free to download and use, with no monthly payments for the software.

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