Taylor Swift “Delicate” Music Video Hidden Meanings!!!

Taylor Swift debuted the video for her single “Delicate” on Sunday’s at iHeartRadio Music Awards. The song contains a list of deeper hidden meanings. At the beginning of the song,  the superstar is shown looking less than happy on the red carpet as she turns in on for the interviews but then all that changes when she receives a note to meet an unidentified person at a bar.

She goes along with what she is supposed to do such as being surrounded by security personnel, admirers, fans, friends but she feels trapped in that cage because of her reputation.

taylor 1

She then begins to focus on her, dancing around and being herself but then no one seems to be noticing her its as if she invisible even to her friends. As she continues to dance we spot even more hidden references to her song such as track no 5  on the train station which represents delicate as no 5 in the reputation album, the lyrics of the song as graffiti on the streetwalls and a cafe joint named Joe’s Deli that seems to have a major significance.

In the end, we see her with a note she received before of the secret admirer trying to get to her at a bar on the east side whom most of her fans speculate is her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

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