Why you need to join LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest and most dominant social network in the professional arena. Totally different from the likes of Facebook, it is used for maintaining a professional persona and brand. Other uses for LinkedIn include finding a job, networking, recruiting new employees, getting sales leads and even getting your business news. But, the question is, are you making the best out of it, or perhaps wondering how it works? Well here are some of the things to consider about improving yourself on this good social-professional network to your desires;

1. Create your profile.

2. Upload a professional photo || Not selfie, nude or un-rated image.

3.  Describe to all of us what you do, who you are and what you expect.

4.  Just like your resume, describe your past experience in work .

5.  Add your education level – important when looking for employers.

6.  Add your skills, expertise, experience and know how outside the book.

7.  Talk to other people through their daily posts.

8.  Become source of content by writing professional articles.

9.  Join and connect with your known networks or mates.

10. Avoid possible errors  and mistakes in delivery and writing  to know more on how to improve yourselves, please feel free to inbox me I am #jmexclusives 

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