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Joseph Mucira – Biography

About Joseph Mucira

Joseph Mucira also known professionally as #jmexclusives is a Kenyan business magnate, philanthropist, internet and technology entrepreneur; who is the founder and executive chairman of josephmuciraexclusives.com a conglomerate of Internet-based businesses. Defined by his #Mediateam.
BornJune 22, 1990 (age 28), Rwambiti, Kenya.
Official Names         | Joseph Mucira Muriuki

Age                             |  28 Years

Designation              | C.E.O – #jmexclusives

Education                 | College Drop out!

Residence                 | Nairobi Kenya

Spouse                      | JoyceMary Mukuhi

Net Worth                | Ksh. 45,500,000.00 “↑”

Source of Wealth    | Endorsements, Monetization, Partnership, Loyalties, Promotion, Marketing, influencing, blogging, online trade, marketing,  Brands Management etc.


Joseph Mucira is an IT expert and consultant who has previously worked and or is working with Google Kenya, Facebook Inc, Alibaba, Amazon, Oracle, ICT Ministry-Kenya and served as a lecturer in a number of tertiary institutions in the country. Has a big connection and clientele. He’s also one of the most sought-after Business|Artist/brand managers in Kenya and now Globally, having successfully worked with the crème de la crème artistes in the country. Besides online marketing and entrepreneurship, Joseph developed and implemented CI (Continuous Improvement) management systems in various companies, industries and organizations in Kenya and abroad.

Joseph Mucira is known to be a quiet and down to earth guy. With close associates saying that this is what they admire most in his engagement and business working relation. He is also known to be more vast with wisdom and application of his skills at every task he executes. His company started at his living room back in 2010. He had trouble trying to come up with a collective name of what he wanted until when he settled on#jmexclusives (josephmuciraexclusives) back in 2012. He attests this to lack of enough support, manpower, resources, and know-how on operating a company. “Life has taught me what no other man can,” he says. I created this company domain name from scratch with exception of building brands, improving reputation and supporting the idea of ICT backwardness. With this with my name being the initial, I added exclusives as a variant of various services and products one could handle at a go and get from my company.

We can say, Joseph is a self Taught Computer Genius having dropped from college to adapt to his chem in Computers and Technology. He has acquired a wealth in computer assembly and troubleshooting from minute details to the most complex. He is also a software developer, blogger, and technician on Digital Currency and Intranet. He attests to that; some of the reasons that led to his drop out of college was after losing her mother, disunity in the family and lack of enough support to continue pursuing his career in #Computers. He also notes that, after learning some of his tutors were not well versed with the course, he thought perhaps if he could take the hard road of educating himself, he would become more complete and prepared for the future ahead of him.

He is known for his skills in some categories and not limited to;

  • Computer hardware maintenance and repair
  • Intranet, internet and network connection and troubleshooting
  • Software development, testing, and programming
  • Website coding, sync, and plugin adaptation in relation to the browser and search console specifications
  • Safe hacking and data recovery on instances of theft – Cloud theft in computing
  • Social media handling, information redistribution, making topics and titles searchable, viral and trending
  • Customized website SEO optimization, plugin customization, and linkage
  • Modern currency tracking, mining, and transfer
  • Brand management and branding even from zero rate
  • Server management and rerouting
  • Has a team that supports his audiovisual production and photography department
  • High experience and knowledge in Technology privacy, security, and copyrights
  • Has links with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, and others on Futuristic technology safety
  • Online teaching and engagement with test products and market research

The above are just a few mentions we were able to collect from the #jmexclusives Chairman. He is a busy man with so many calls to make every day. ” You have to hold the steering if you want the car to move at your imaginary speed and direction” He adds. “U could hire someone to fill up a position but they could never do what you wanted or deemed great. People expect to work and get paid. whatever happens thereafter is none of their business. I hire people when I feel I need them to execute either a more complex task or a task I could not manage myself. Therefore, I don’t need a crowd of workers who are joy riders, drag backs and many reasons for my failure and that of my hard built company.” He explains. ” My client is very sensitive too, I call them my royals and exclusives. They trust me and they have faith in making their subscriptions work for them. Even if some are low, I rise up with them and get to know each other better and build a long-lasting relationship in whatever they enrolled for”. He adds.

We asked him about his goals and this what he had to say.

  • Implementing new Ideas for certain companies and individuals.
  • Winning awards for various companies via timed proposals and projects.
  • Creating a balance both in office life and Online work.
  • Improving Brands Presence sometimes from scratch!
  • Increase company sales and performance
  • Making use of social media platforms fully
  • Making use of what is already learned in class
  • Making the world a better place to live with ICT and the modern tools
  • Assisting in world enlightenment, support and training camps
  • Understanding, working with and supporting the modern software and apps

Joseph Mucira when asked who his clients are, had this to say. ” I work with the world. People from all walks of life. Some who I know well and others out of reference and others who I barely know. Therefore; I have had to first meet up with the client, either face to face, via email, via Skype or other means to comprehend them. After that, I don’t want to compare them with others and make a judgment from that, no. That is very wrong. You have to know who you are working with, may it be a company, a band, a group, an individual or even a public figure. After that, you relate what they do with what you can do for them. From that, it becomes so easy working with people on different grounds, understanding, experience, goals, and desires. From that, you know what matters to them and what will make them more pleased to work with you for a longer time. “

Every leader has a parting word and that of Joseph Mucira is that; ” You were created for a reason in this world. You are never a mistake or a result of fate. There is a space you need to fill up and by so doing you input your self into doing what you are destined to no matter what. So take this as a chance to prove others wrong and make your way for others to learn and emulate form”.

We will dig more about Joseph Mucira and include the details on our Biography. If you have more views about our C.E.O or have any suggestion don’t hesitate to reach us on;

Email | info@josephmuciraexclusives.com/social@josephmuciraexclusives.com and we will attend to you.

You can reach Joseph Mucira through;

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/josephmucirainc/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/josephmucira/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/jmexclusives

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