Africa Receive Your King – Reuben Kigame (PapaKigz) Ft. Gloria Muliro, Karis & Guardian Angel


“One of the greatest Reggae worship songs have enjoyed writing! It appears on my Album “Christmas With Kigame” which will hit the market early next month. Many scholars argue that Jesus Christ is irrelevant to Africa and that Christianity is a “white man’s religion.” I don’t know what they would say to the following: The Angel Gabriel told Joseph and Mary to flee to Egypt for safety until king Herod had died; it is African fathers of Christianity like St. Athanasius and St. Augustine from North Africa who defended Christianity from the heresies that could have white out the faith; The Ethiopian eunuch who was baptised by Philip; The Queen of Sheba visiting and listening to the wisdom of king Solomon; Moses as an Egyptian prince who married a black woman; African Christians being present at the day of Pentecost in Acts 2, etc!…

I woke up recently burdened by how Africa has ignored King Jesus to her own detriment while marveling how Africa is so much in the heart of God! Immediately, the chorus of this song popped up in my heart complete with the current words. I ran to the studio and completed the track in record time – one day – assigned that the Spirit of God was with me on this project. I wrote my verse from Isaiah 9 before calling in my colleagues to lay their contributions down. I was amazed! I love it! I hope you do too! Lets crown Jesus Christ the Lord of Africa this Christmas.”

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