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Welcome to JMExclusives

We #jmexclusives – (joseph mucira exclusives) are one of the best online support team and computer technicians involved in a variety of products and service delivery. Located in Nairobi-Kenya, our goal is to provide quality services and products at an affordable price, both as a sole provider or working in partnership with the agency, corporate, or independent persons. Our staff is comprised entirely of professionally trained technicians, with decades of experience between them. Through the dedication and hard work of all of our people, we believe that our determination to provide outstanding service will only be enhanced in the years to come.

Why we are the Best.

Our chairman Joseph Mucira has been in the world of computers and internet for quite some time and with a vast experience and knowledge in whatever we do, he has always been leading the team to deliver the best. Therefore through his vision, a team of professional and experienced persons sees that this happens through the changing community of technology and internet use. Team #jmexclusives aspires to deliver the best value to our clients in everything we do. Being one of the biggest service-oriented providers in the major competitive industry, whilst enjoying significant global presence, we set the standards for quality, service, and professionalism in our industry. Today, jmexclusives has become a clear choice solutions provider for local and international customers. We proactively introduce the latest technology models to the market strengthening communication, shortening the geographic distance, eliminating the barriers and reducing unnecessary waste of resources, hence increasing our clients’ competitive edge.

Team jmexclusives

We are an online-oriented company with rich exposure, skills, knowledge, manpower, and experience running over years from our able and oriented support and service team. That’s likely over-simplified, but it’s cleaner than a long list of descriptors. With enough certifications, partnerships, and recommendations, we carry the following services which are not limited to; Online influencing, trendsetting, web content research, and publication, copyrights certification, online essential security, branding, promotion, marketing, audiovisual production, I.C.T. Support, computer, and or computerized products and accessories, internet provision, reputation and Brand Management, graphics and website design, social media handling and management, monetization, marketing & promotion, services and products value addition and training.

You can see more defined services on our *services* menu.  

We engage in all the above-mentioned services delivery and products sale with the main aim of helping individuals realize and reach their dreams | for companies to attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers – business | for Brands or public figures to reach and feel their full potential and capacity as well as make a profit on our variety products. We also work with various groups, partners, and individuals from all over the world increasing our reach and engagement on international grounds. We also involve ourselves in sharing useful articles, reports, analytics, research work, events and news as they happen from our contacts, credible sources or our experienced and able team.

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Mailto : social@josephmuciraexclusives.com or info@josephmuciraexclusives.com

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