#TeamMafisi now officially registered as a foundation

Before I tell you why #Teammafisi is now a foundation, let me take you to where I found myself in the group. Back in my high school days, I used to be a notorious player. While my peers were still amateurs and fumblers in the game of seduction, I was a god. I had an annoying hobby of seducing other guys girlfriends. My habits changed after I was mercilessly beaten by a multi-pound student from our hood. I had managed to successfully seduce his wonder of a girlfriend and in return, he managed to mercilessly beat me up with the help of his friends.  I was admitted to the hospital for two days with bruises and a swollen arm. My parents were ready to take the matter to the police but the boy’s parents were reasonable enough to settle the matter out of the cells.

Team Mafisi consists of guys who treat women in a no holds barred manner, guys with uncontrollable appetite. They have lust that has a touch of cruelty to it. Members of this team also possess heaps of misdemeanors. Somehow, they achieve their goals but through long and tedious ways. Here are their most common characteristics; consider this as the Fisi Alert Message. (FAS) Click here to read about the Main Character traits that thwart someone to be a Fisi. 

Are you a Fisi? Team Mafisi will now be legally recognized as a foundation after it was registered by the Non-governmental Organisation Coordination Board.According to the founder and patron, Jaymo Ule Msee (Wilson Muirania), the foundation will be a platform for positive engagement as well as social economic programs to benefit the members. He posted on His Official Facebook after a meeting with the chairman of the NGO coordination board, Fazul Mohammed.

“Mr. Fazul was very helpful and promised to support us register it as a foundation for free and support us financially in undertaking youth, women, HIV/AIDS, cohesion, and talent search programs throughout the Country. Many thanks to Comrade Fazul for the kind gesture and support,” he added.

On his part, Mohammed said that the initiative was a good thing, especially since the term #Mafisi’ as he has been told by Jaymoh is a tribeless term.“That one will foster cohesion and integration in the country and from where we sit, we are going to support him in that,” Mohammed said.

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