Otile Brown Ft. King Kaka – Alivyonipenda

He discovered his talent and a tender age of 12. He started singing and writing music at age 13. After his short musical career in Mombasa. Otile Brown moved to Nairobi in 2012 in search of greener pastures. He met with Jalango when he was waiting for Willy M Tuva and he decided to give him his CD, he loved his music and advised him to stick to singing. He surprisingly sponsored his first song and gave him a choice to work with either Wyre or Doctor Eddie. He preferred Dr. Eddie (A renowned producer)  since he was not as busy as Wyre since Wyre is a singer and a producer. Dr. Eddy was impressed by his skills and decided to sign him as the first artist off the label dreamland Music Entertainment.

Watch alivyonipenda below!

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