Wacha Iwe – Ringtone Apoko x Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro and Ringtone Apoko have been ointhe Gospel limelight for quite some time. They once won Mwafaka Awards back in 2013 as Top Female and Top Male Artist.The duos have never done a collabo before. But Ringtone Apoko thought it wise to feature Kenya’s finest and most followed Artist ~ Gloria Muliro on his new song ‘Wacha iwe’. Apoko Ringtone is also known for his top chart collabo with Tanzania gospel minister ~ Christina Susho ~ they both did ~Tenda WemaWacha Iwe ~ is a song that explains a troubled life and how God rewards are worth waiting.
Here is an explanation as written by Apoko Ringtone on his youtube channel;
There are times you Pray but feel that God is not answering your prayers, it doesn’t mean he’s not hearing you he will answer at his own timing.So wacha iwe vile Mungu anataka iwe (Let it be how God wants it to be) Amen” as written by Apoko on his youtube channel.
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