Akothee is mad about laziness! Learn why?

Esther Akothee has three daughters and two sons from different marriages.Akothee had four daughters from her first marriage and bore three children between the ages of 14 to 16. One of her kids died because she could not afford to take her to the hospital. She later gave birth to her fourth daughter in the year 2000. Her sons are from her second marriage with a white man who she claims was only interested in having children with her but not marriage. In 2016, she got pregnant with twins but unfortunately, she lost the twins when she collapsed in Switzerland.

Akothee (Esther Akoth) born and bred in the Lakeside city of Kisumu, she is a musician and a businesswoman who is based in Mombasa. She has won the Best Female East Africa AFRIMA Award 2016.Akothee got married at 14 and had to go back to school at 24 to finish her studies. She finished her high school in 2004 when she was already a mother of three and scored a mean grade of a C+. Unfortunately, she was kicked out of her first marriage since she was supposedly boring, too hard headed and unromantic.With the little money, she had saved up Akothee went to a driving school and became a matatu driver. She then, later on, moved to Mombasa where she became a taxi driver.While on the Job she met a Swedish man who invited her back to his home country. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, things didn’t work out as she had planned. The man kicked her out while she was 9 months pregnant and she had to come back to Kenya. However, this time she had some money on her, enough to invest well in her taxi business.While still going about her business, as usual, she met a French man who was then the French ambassador to Djibouti. This was the turning point of her life as she had hit the jackpot. The man was truly loaded and showered her with lavish gifts and colossal amounts of money. The man once gifted her with a brand new Prado on her birthday and sent her KSH 80 million to put a roof over her growing family. The French man is the father of her last born, however, they are now separated.Well, that the story for another day. You can Read more here

Early this week, she busted a business counterpart she was scheduled to meet at the crack of dawn. This is what she wrote on her Facebook wall. Guess who she was addressing, read more to get the revelation.“haki I cant stand seing people asleep when am already awake by 6.00 am , I go round the house expecting to meet them awake about 8.00am , no way , only to find them fully covered in their warm blankets which they dont even know the prizes , then come to the kitchen and harrass the chef for breakfast at about 11.00 am , while the chef is already preparing for lunch , are this kind of people normal or am the abnormal one , or could I be jelouse that I cant sleep past 6.00 am & some could ? am I the one who knows the value of time or am I working too hard and they be working smart under the blankets ? call me acomplaining molecule , but this generation is lost period?? I like the way my kids look at me with bad eyes when I knock on their doors ???, but attitude hata punda ako nayo , utaamka mama ,
Rule no.
1 .no househelps should attend the girls rooms , nor their laundry
2. the cheff is for madboss so if you wake up late , prepare your own breakfast
3. all the rooms in my house shoud ready by 10.00 am , so enda ulale kwa nyasi , ama uende kwako
4. no one comes to the table for lunch with a night dress , please shower before we meet
5. no tv during the day , no one is watching tv unless you are done with your work take it or leave it , you have freedom of migration . you cant migrate to anywhere ,
my girls follow suit , so any visitor should be at par with us ????
baba Oyoo & Baba Ojwang have no househelps , they do things by themselves yet they should be retiring, with full pockets , you that has no bank account , you are afraid of breaking your nails ?????, come slowly slaying queens, Oyoo and Ojwang knows that after food you take your plate back to the kitchen , so who are you ?” The Madam Boss wrote! 


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