Who is Christina Susho?

Christina Susho is a renowned Gospel Songstress who hails from Tanzania. Well her new song “Roho” translated “Heart” was earlier released this week. Christina Susho has been a role model to many Artists all over the globe. Her melodious voice and prowess in writing her own music album after album is unmatched.

Christina Susho

Her Background

Christina Susho was once a cleaner at her local church. A job those close to her by then notes that she used to enjoy doing. She relates that to being close to God as well as being in the House of the Almighty. Born in Kigoma Tanzania, she was raised in a Christian Background. Her parents were staunch Christians who impacted moral values and biblical teachings to her as well as living an exemplary life. She went through the Tanzania education system, where she schooled as Kigoma for both Primary and Secondary schools.

After completing her daily chores, she would join the choir for practice and that when she realized she could do her own solo piece. Like many Gospel ministers who have mushroomed with time, her composition was at times used as the church Sunday service lead songs. By then, she was not much aware of recording music and she did it as a calling and a talent spread. With little exposure to time as she notes, she tried doing songs for recording hoping to release an album someday.

Christina Susho

Christina Susho Career Advancement

Christina Susho married a participating preacher named John and together have since been blessed with three children. Later on, in life, she had few developments and as life is at times, she has kept her private life out of the public. With time, she did her First Album ‘Kitu gani kinitenge na upendo wa Bwana’ which was mainly sold in her home country. She later did ‘Unikumbuke’ and followed later on ‘Nipe Macho’ totaling up to around 45 songs that she has released so far.

Christina Susho Modeling Agency

Apart from being a sensational Gospel musician, she is a model who owns a modeling agency as well. She wonders as to why Christians can’t be part of beauty. God created everything and found it pleasing and beautiful. Christians are rumpled people according to where she comes from and wonders why Christians should not be clean inside out. However comparing the different types of music done today, she adds that most performers nowadays do youthful music particularly Kenyan music compared to Tanzania Gospel music.

In addition, Susho urges that music should stand a test of time, it is a message that should flow through generations. Youthful music is bound to die off since people grow out of their youthful stage and stop listening to them. Susho has been incorporated in various music by Artists from her country and others from all over the Globe. They include; Janet Otieno, Geraldine Oduor, Ringtone, Mireille Basirwa among many others whose music is not yet released.

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