Gilad Milo is one of a Kind!

Gilad Milo made his musical debut in April with the song “Unajua” — “Do You Know” in Kiswahili, one of Kenya’s official languages. Zipping between meetings at Nairobi’s five-star hotels wearing a suit and tie, Gilad Millo looks every bit the ex-diplomat he is. But looks can be deceiving: Though he may be balding and slightly pudgy, Millo is one of Kenya’s hottest pop stars. He’s so popular, in fact, he’s known throughout the country simply as Gilad, a la Madonna or Prince.“The word ‘celebrity’ feels strange, but, yeah, people now ask me to pose for selfies with them,” said Millo, the former deputy head of mission at the Israeli Embassy in Kenya, speaking to Dreamkinetic news!.….Read more……..



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