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Who are Team Mafisi?

Mafisi Origins

Let us start by looking at the origin of #Mafisi. A satirical hoax story in a daily magazine on an online platform about how the Eritrean government was offering brides for polygamous marriage as a national decree went viral. Predictably, it provided much need escapism in Kenya’s social media space, following the tragic attack of a KDF Somalia camp. Kenya men only heard, “hot chicks, no courtship required” and they all wished it were true. The exotic fruit has never lost its appeal. The notorious team mafisi packs pounced on the news item and milked it for all it was worth. Read more about why Kenyan men always cheat on their Spouses.

Back in my high school days, I used to be a notorious player. While my peers were still amateurs and fumblers in the game of seduction, I was a god. I had an annoying hobby of seducing other guys girlfriends. My habits changed after I was mercilessly beaten by a multi-pound student from our hood. I had managed to successfully seduce his wonder of a girlfriend and in return, he managed to mercilessly beat me up with the help of his friends.  I was admitted to the hospital for two days with bruises and a swollen arm. My parents were ready to take the matter to the police but the boy’s parents were reasonable enough to settle the matter out of the cells.No one can beat me up now. I’m more mature and totally against Team Mafisi behavior. This is an all-out assault.  Team Mafisi consists of guys who treat women in a no holds barred manner, guys with uncontrollable appetite. They have a lasting lust that has a touch of cruelty to it. Members of this team also possess heaps of misdemeanors. Somehow, they achieve their goals but through long and tedious ways. Here are their most common characteristics; consider this as the Fisi Alert Message. (FAS) – Read more on characteristics of this Team.

Team Mafisi Definition

Nairobi is not only Kenya’s Capital but also home to the most dreaded type of men popularly known as Team Mafisi. Team Mafisi is a synonymous term to a particular clique of men who would chase literally after every kind of girl either on the street or off the street. When it comes to describing and explaining this group of men, the numerous online Team Mafisi memes clearly tells it all. The following, however, is just a brief explanation of the different Team Mafisi types you will find on the streets of Nairobi.

Team Mafisi Player The player is the first type of Team Mafisi we have. As dreadful as they are, this clique of men is also known as the ladies men. This is because players know what to say, who to say what to, and when to say it a manner that makes them too good to be true. This group of men likes keeping themselves neat, and you will find them in the latest fashion; prioritize women, intimacy, and chasing/winning over women. Their greatest dislike is always social media love as it leaves them vulnerable to their many women. Characteristically, players always have excuses and answers for everything, very thorough with their dressing, security on their phones, and always deny when caught cheating.

Team Mafisi Mr. Title

This is a Team Mafisi gang that likes using their jobs title or academic qualifications to attract ladies. Mr. Title likes talks that involve him talking about his profession and gets disinterested when you pay close or no attention to his talks. Characteristically, this group of men is known from their salary talks, dates with colleagues that involves work-related discussions, and introductions containing work premises.

Team Mafisi Idlers

Their name suggests the role these men contribute to the overall Team Mafisi Kenya Sacco. Walk around the streets of Nairobi, and you will not fail to notice them walking in a clique, taking Team Mafisi photos probably for their next discussion. This group of Team Mafisi likes commentating on anything women, and occasionally, you will hear them busting out aloud even on the street. The identifying characteristic of this group is ragged look, pretentious nature, and comprises mostly of touts. This group of Team Mafisi dislikes women who answer back at them or are principled by nature.

Team Mafisi Church Boys

I kid you not, Team Mafisi not only exist on the streets but also in the church. Church boy is a clique of Team Mafisi made up of men who hide under the pretentious nature of the church to get to the principled and well-mannered church girls. You will find them at the choir and worse still at the pastoral team. You will identify this Team Mafisi from their judgmental nature. They like the meek, naïve church girls and any church-related activities, and dislike anybody trying to question their crooked ways.

Team Mafisi Sponsors

Arguably this is the most common type of Team Mafisi gang out there. With sponsors, money talks. Sponsors are always wealthy individuals with fat pay cheques and a family waiting for them back at home. Sponsors like hanging around younger ladies and their greatest dislike are the social media.

Team Mafisi Man-Boy

The Man-Boy Team Mafisi gang is a clique of men who think highly of themselves but are less at actions. The greatest undoing with this Team Mafisi comes at responsibility. The Team Mafisi bandwagon took off long ago, and nothing can stop it now. As much as this breed of men is dreadful, the creative Team Mafisi video and Team Mafisi images are a great source of entertainment. It is advisable to always take the lessons in order not to fall victim to such a group of men.

Source: Tuko.co.ke

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