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Advertising Networks to Monetize Your Website or Blog

Website Monetization

The internet still provides a number of ways for publishers to make money from the traffic that passes through their websites each day. While the most successful monetization efforts involve finding a strategy specific to a site’s target demographic, there are some strategies that universally work better than others. Having the right monetization plan for your website or blog goes a long way in ensuring that you are paid fully for your hard work. Nobody likes to work without a pay unless it is for charity. There are hundreds of advertising networks out there but not all of them will give the right value for your website or for each blog post. Having operated three blogs and a website, I have a lump sum of experience that I would love to share, based on what has worked for me close to three years now.

Get access to advertising campaigns from premium ad networks, demand-side platforms, and ad agencies within a single interface. With unlimited access to demand partners, Ad publishers can get the most of their inventory in a highly competitive programmatic environment. Expose your inventory to thousands of global advertisers and yield profits on your terms. Below is a list of some Ad networks you could seek.

1. Google AdSense

AdSense is the world’s leading and greatest advertising network. Though the approval rates for AdSense Is quite strict, you only have to conform to their standards and policies, quality content for your blog or website, and good traffic. Below are some of the ads that are available at AdSense.

 AdSense for Content

The content-centered ads are mostly targeted for context. The targeting is either based on clicks (CPC) or impressions (CPM). Although there is no noticeable variation between the CPM and CPC, the CPM are quite familiar. In this category, the ads come in various sizes ranging from a text, image, an animated image, a video, or a flash. When the ad sizes are more, the users can choose as to whether to show multimedia and text ads simultaneously or can decide to choose only one. For an easy identification, a grey arrow appears underneath AdSense text ads.

 Page Level Ads

These are a family of ad layouts that offer a fresh and inventive technique for you to monetize your website or blog. When using Page-level ads, one places the same section of ad code once on every page that you would wish to display the ads.

 AdSense for Search

These ads allow a publisher to show ads linking to the items on search, on their site and obtain 51% of the income created from those ads. AdSense search ads are shown either beside the outcomes from an AdSense Search Engine or combined with inner search fallouts through the applications of Custom Search Ads. Custom Search Ads are singly accessible to white-registered publishers. Even though the revenue bit from AdSense for Search is (51%) is less than from AdSense for Content (68%), more revenue can be attained due to the probability for higher Click through Rates.

 AdSense for video

AdSense for video lets publishers having quality video content to make revenue via ad placements from Google’s widespread advertising system. The publisher is in a position to make a decision about what sort of ads are displayed alongside their video inventory. Layouts obtainable comprise linear video ads, those that show AdSense text and show ads over the video content.

 AdSense for mobile content

These permit publishers to create incomes from their mobile websites/ blogs by means of targeted Google ads. Google compares advertisements to the content on the mobile website.

2. infolinks

This is an online advertising platform for both publishers and advertisers, as well as brands. Infolinks can be used together with other ad networks like Google AdSense. Infolinks products are InFrame, InScreen, InFold, InTag, InArticle, and InText, which are aimed at enabling publishers to generate fresh revenue sources from their sites. Infolinks produces great monthly income for over 200,000 publishers in more than 130 nations currently, and they work together with some of the renowned advertisers in the world like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and eBay. Their platform is very modest to assimilate into your site and is usually available to any publisher. It has an advantage in that it has no setup fee requirement and no least requirements for page visits or views. For the small advertisers, Infolinks too offers self-serve advertising stage called AdShop.

3. Adblade

Adblade is one of the utmost brand-safe media ventures in the US, with a topmost score of 188 from autonomous dimension firm AdSafe Media- the frontrunner in rating online content. Adblade is a strong worldwide Digital Media Optimization Platform that creates over 4 million verdicts per hour.  Adblade offers the utmost effective Media Optimization Services obtainable currently for publishers and advertisers together. The Platform permits top publishers to yield significant and unrelenting industry foremost income and permits advertisers entrance to best, brand-safe portfolio generating above average ROI. Adblade has advertising engagements primarily with greatly trafficked content suppliers. Great websites within its network include NASDAQ, Hearst, The Washington Times, ABC News and Chicago Sun-Times. Adblade mainly functions in the United States and is open to both online and mobile traffic. Advertisements can be generated and uploaded by customers and may be directed physically, by interactive wellbeing, or demographics. The system permits websites and blogs to monetize, however, they are obliged to meet specific requirements. The clients must also go through demanding and approval procedures. The minimum monthly impressions should be 500, 000.

4. Media.net

Media.net is one of the largest substitutes for AdSense. This system features mainly contextual ads that operate in a somewhat dissimilar way than typical display ad units. Although incorporated within traditional sizes like 728×90 and 300×250, these ads frequently portray numerous connected keywords. Clicking on a keyword, however, does NOT create any income for the publisher, rather it shows an additional screen revealing appropriate ads. Revenue is only generated when the website/ blog visitors click on any of these ads. In other words, Media.net ads operate just in the same manner as AdSense link units. Since Media.net shows principally contextual ads, there are some few important things I would wish to share that you will be required to be aware of. It takes some time for the ads to adjust to your site. The ads first analyze the content displayed on your site, then display keywords that are supposed to be significant to the adjoining content. As the section magnitude develops, an algorithm governs which keywords produce the maximum amount of clicks and revenue for the specific audience. So if you wanna use media.net, then be ready for a fairly large sample so as to perfectly get the earnings prospects of this network.

5. Propeller ads

Propeller ads network is purposed to making digital advertising effective and reliable. With worldwide reach through the web and mobile networks, Propeller Ads offers publishers the capacity to monetize their traffic and provides advertisers permit to a big number of ad placements on premium locations of several categories. They offer a flexible and honest trying model that conveys actual market worth to both publishers and advertisers. Their platforms are android, IOS, and mobile Web and the types of the network include mobile ad network, and the mobile ad server, with CPA, CPI, CPL, and CPM. They display banners, custom, interstitial, notifications, popunder and video. The payment thresholds are as follows:

PayPal – Minimum $10

Western Union – Minimum $100

Check – Minimum $100

Wire Transfer – Minimum $10

6. Chitika

Chitika prides itself on being one of the largest in the list of advertising networks, of course after AdSense. As of date, it has registered more than 350,000 publishers across the globe, serving over four billion ads each month. Its ads can be used along with AdSense and other renowned networks in the same without breaking the set rules. It’s branded steering and optimization know-how makes use of programmatic purchasing to give accurately the correct Ad, at the right time. The approval procedure for fresh publishers is typically pretty up-front and takes less time.

7. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser offers advertisers the opportunity to directly tender against one other for publisher ad space.  Not only does Bidvertiser offer numerous categories of display ads, it too offers a referral program. Its referral program is way much improved than its advertising package. In addition to generating income forever Ad that is clicked, the publisher likewise receives added revenue when the click is transformed to a conversion for the advertiser. BidVertiser encourages numerous ad presentations including banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, and mobile. As a publisher, you are provided with a point-and-click device to customize the design of these units to match the look of your website. To ensure the highest amount of revenue from each ad, Bidvertiser provides the publishers with a bidding program. By means of the reporting interface, one can effortlessly monitor the performance of their ads, clicks, click-through ratio, and the cumulative amount one has earned.

8. Conversant

Conversant holds campaigns for more than 5,000 brands every single month, cumulating the likelihoods of finding the best fit for all contents. An actual publisher border offers completely transparent campaign displaying alongside with action and revenue data. Their cross-platform promotion solutions guarantee that publishers are in a position to maximize their incomes direct from mobile devices. Conversant offers ads in several formats like in-text rollovers, static, rich media, banners, over the page and much more. This is in addition to the standard display.

9. Buysellads.com

Buysellads.com is another great way for websites and blogs to get some good money. In other words, it is a platform for publishers and advertisers to purchase and sell ads. Of important to NOTE is that buysellads.com does NOT approve blogs with the domain of blogspot.com. For one to be qualified and be approved as a publisher, they should be having more than 150,000 views per month.

10. Advertising.com

Advertising.com is also among the top advertising networks great for monetizing websites and blogs. It has associations with more than 70 of comScore’s Best 100 ad-supported sites, with a network of publishers traversing 30+ website content verticals and monetizes an average of close to 2 billion ad impressions per day. Advertising.com gives ad blocks by advertiser, media, industry, and category to certify the finest fit for your website or blog. You should prioritize this network if the majority of your page visitors emanate from the UK, US, and Canada.

If you are considering monetizing your website or blog, then don’t just sit there and wait. Do the right thing, make sure your site abides by the networks set guidelines and have quality content. If several applications get rejected by some networks, do not give up. Give yourself some time, and all will be well.Also if you would like us to assist you in monetizing your website or blog, please feel free to write to us.


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