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Mercy Masika – Biography

Mercy Masika is a worship leader at Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), music composer, songwriter, and a performing artist. Above all, she is a loving mother and a wife. Her music is the word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit. In truth, it is very rare to hear a Mercy Masika song speaking of anything else other than God and the things He has done in her life. Popularly known by the song “Amukomete{wake-up}” which hit the airwaves from 2003 and Mwema which hit on 2014, her devotion is unrivaled too.

Mercy Masika released her first album titled nobody Like Jesus while in class six in 1994. She was just 12 years old, but she had assistance when writing the songs from her mother Agnes Masika and Hellen Mtawale. Her mother still sings in church and can also play a variety of instruments including the guitar. According to Mercy, having someone else to write your music is better if you are not naturally gifted with composition skills. Her song Mwema was recorded with the aid of her friend and fellow Kenyan gospel artist Mr. Vee who works with her at Still Alive Records.

After her first album, Mercy Masika joined forces with a few of her peers and formed a music group. She later joined Machakos high school where she met Reuben Kagame who helped her record her second album dubbed roses will always bloom, during her holidays. Another song, Nisamehe, was also among the best songs in the album. She might be famous, but Mercy Masika still suffers from hitters when performing. In the parent interview above she said, ‘There’s something about being an introvert and crowds. I have never been able to outgrow the nerves. With every performance, my heart pounds and stomach rumbles.’

‘But then I remember, courage is not the absence of fear, and once I start performing, they disappear,’ she adds. Mercy Masika’s fourth and fifth albums were also a huge success despite the disparity in their time of release. Mercy Masika songs were being played from compact discs a while ago, but now people can download her music straight to their mobile phones.

Most artists are not ready to work with songwriters because they think the public will consider them not good enough. However, Mercy Masika has a different opinion, ‘You can’t do it all; you need variety in your music. Unity commands a blessing and if you don’t have the depth and content to write a song to let someone else do it. Even great writers like Kirk Franklin end up sounding the same when they write entire albums on their own,’ she says. Mercy continues, ‘my mum wrote my songs when I was young, so I learned at an early age the power of working with a good songwriter. I’ve been writing my own music for a while now, but I must say having someone else do it is great.’

Mercy Masika has also released a song with Reuben Kigame, who is well known in the Kenyan music industry and has helped grow a lot of careers. However, all songs by Mercy Masika reached their full potential after the singer joined Daystar University and met Robert Kimanzi, popularly known as R Kay. R Kay produced her first hit song, Amukokete, which is Kamba for wake up. The song can be found on her third studio album called Wendo Waku, which is Kamba for your love.

Mercy Masika YouTube channel has been nonexistent despite the singer’s numerous videos over the years, but her management opened one recently. All her music was released under her label, and most videos can be found on YouTube under the label or the videographer’s channel. However, Mercy Masika latest song, Upendo, was uploaded to her YouTube account. Mercy Masika had top change schools in primary because her parents were always on the move due to job demands. However, they finally settled in Machakos, and the singer got her education. She started out at Kamuthatha Girls Primary School in Embu before joining Machakos Primary. She later swapped the latter for Masii Township in Machakos and got her O levels at Machakos High School.

After her high school education, Mercy Masika joined Daystar University where she pursued a degree in education. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in community development in the same university while working on her sixth studio album. Mercy Masika might have made her name after completing her university education, but she already had two albums before campus. Mercy Masika tribe, Kamba, has been instrumental in her success seeing some of her best songs to date are a mixture of Kamba, English, and Swahili.

The Kenyan gospel music industry was welcoming a new age after 2010, and some artists had just received salvation and switched allegiances. Mercy Masika might have been popping, but in 2011 she went mute leading fans to believe she had given up on music. However, she was to return in 2014 with a hit single and follow it up with another to keep her name relevant. Mercy said she took time off to take care of her family, which had increased since her marriage. Not to mention, the untimely death of fellow gospel artist Peter Kaberere proved pivotal in her decision to return to singing. Mercy took that as a reality check seeing one day you can be here and the next gone. She had this to say regarding her break and the kick in the bosom by Kaberle’s demise, ‘It became a journey of faith for me. Not that money was the end game – although just like any other profession, artists also deserve to be paid for their talent.’

Mercy Masika married David Muguro in a low-key wedding in 2008. Mercy Masika had just finished campus and was having a hard time getting her music to pay, so she decided to open a bakery. However, her love for music from an early age didn’t diminish even when her music was being played on the radio, but she was broke, so she started performing at events.

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