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Launching a new product to feature on your e-business website requires utilizing cyberspace. This is to inform consumers of the new item. Steven Haines, author of the book, “The Product Manager’s Desk Reference,” explains the launch hinges on the business’ ability to measure the product’s financial success. Assign key staff members to be responsible for the launch and create an infrastructure that can handle the spiked demand for the product. A virtual launch must have a website capable of handling orders and tracking sales of the item. This means establishing dount codes and monitoring the traffic of the site’s new product page.

Who do you intend to target

E-commerce doesn’t have to be hard. Having an online store can cost you virtually nothing and put you in touch with customers from all over the world. One of the first things you need to think about is who will buy what you have to offer and why. Who do you know that has an already established market? Do you have your own list already? I recommend you start by growing your own database or ‘list’ before you even start creating your product. You can do this incredibly inexpensively by producing an e-zine each week and providing great content for free.

Conduct an online survey

Ask the right questions before going for the launch. Validate your market and the product strategy against your competition. Plan everything from setting launch goals to assessing uncalled-for risks and post-launch practices. Make sure you are aware of the emerging trends and channels to promote your product and drive demand. Keep a checklist handy on the day of the event so you do not miss important details. There are numerous blogs and case studies on product launches on the internet. While most of them are quite generic in nature, here’s a link to the product launch guide which I find resourceful for B2B businesses and start-ups. Read More!

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