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We are a team of exclusively elevated professionals, certified, approved and experienced social media handlers, audiovisual producers, online influencers, trendsetters, graphics & website designers, bloggers, copyrights writer, online security providers, digital content promoters & marketers, I.C.T support & solutions, brand management as well as VAS (Value Added Service) providers. We also consult privately with companies wishing to work and partner with us.

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The answer is yes. There aren’t many businesses that can survive without a Web presence and there’s no reason not to have a website. Your company’s website can be a highly effective marketing tool that can be very cost-efficient. There are quite a few benefits, and very little downsides. Get More Answers!
What do Nike, Apple, and the Kardashians have in common? They’re all huge brands that leave consumers thirsty for more of whatever they’re selling. A brand manager has a lot to do with that. In an oversaturated marketplace, a brand manager makes sure products, services, and even people resonate. Get More Answers!nswers!
Reaching out to consumers and establishing a brand is an important part of succeeding in business. Without marketing solutions, a business has a very high chance of failure. Online marketing is a strategy that helps build up a company’s reputation and exposure online by using a variety of internet tools and solutions. Get More Answers!
Our social media management pricing ranges from $400-$1000 per month on average. This price varies based on the number of channels and posts we are managing for you. Please note that this price is our fee to perform services on your behalf. It does not include any advertising dollars to run paid ads on social media. It compensates us for the time it takes to manage your campaign. You will have a well-trained and experienced social media manager assigned your account who will run your campaign and report the results directly to you. The value of this service is that it will save you time, money, and allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business. Get More Answers!
We may not have all the answers you seek but we always try to find them whenever you send them through. We will be answering them through our FAQ's Page. Get More Answers!

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"We are all connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain." - Stephen Hawking.

Graphics Design - From $50

We offer you various types of graphic design themes and templates for your work. We customize each detail and bring you the best appearance for your design.

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Website Development - From $500

Our experienced team makes sure that you get the best website which is responsive enough and SEO ready. We have skills and capacity to develop any theme even from scratch.

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Brand Management - From $500

From brand or company management to social media handling, #jmexclusives makes sure that your reputation online is well taken care of and that it impresses the target audience maximumly.

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SEO & Ranking - From $500

Our able and skilled team makes sure that your presence on search engines is highly visible on the ranking bar. We make sure that your website backlinks, pages, and content is fully optimized for search engines.

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Online Management - From $600

Social Media Management has never been that easy. Well, but not to an experienced team and experts who work around the clock to see that your reputation on social media picks up just right.

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Data Analytics - From $300

We make sure that we provide you with even and enough evidence of our work and that your expected results are always met and delivered on time through your email.

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"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow." - Bill Gates.

Exclusive Services

Our partner receives all our exclusive and unlimited services throughout the partnership program. From work plan drawing, execution, engagement, analysis and reporting, we do it all. We also offer them free consultancy and prioritize on Value Addition on top of the work mentioned.

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Unlimited Support

Not every service is known to all our contacts and clients, this, therefore, could bring in barriers and failed delivery. However, at jmexclusives, we usually take every new client through all the plans we have and benefits that will result in engagement. After a successful agreement, we provide support both on technicality, results or even delivery beyond the clients understanding and capacity.

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Unmatched Solutions

The #jmexclusives team is fully committed to integrating customer-driven quality standard through innovative solutions. We entrust the flow of solutions by working with the world beater platforms and applications whose main aim is to easy and make delivery successful. Every now and then we update ourselves and our clients with a new approach in terms of technology and communication.

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"Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed." - Dan Zarrella.

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