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Safaricom PayPal

Safaricom Kenya Limited is one hell of a company whose economic status is increasing day by day. Being one of the leading mobile service providers in the whole region of East Africa and now global, it enjoys a big share of subscribers who are always glued to it’s simple and responsive services. We have seen researchers, investors and learners from all over the world coming to learn how this economic giant operates and most importantly, how it manages its money transfer on its platform through M-Pesa App.

Safaricom Kenya Limited has over time become popular with its slogan twaweza which simply means “yes we can”. I was watching one of its documentaries about its origins, challenges, and success and it was both amazing and perplexing. I must say, there may be a team of an egg-incubated team whose main work is to come up with new ideas every day. This is because, since I started using my Safaricom line, I have never felt bored or corned by the fact that I have been served by this telecom for quite years. Every time I try to lift my finger, I get surprised by new deals in the Safaricom world and I easily slipped to enjoy the service even longer.

Safaricom – Paypal Integration

The transaction between PayPal and M-Pesa is being powered by TransferTo, a B2B Cross-Border Mobile Payments Network for emerging markets. The money transfer will not be instant, meaning users will not see the amount reflect on their M-Pesa accounts until after a certain period, between four hours and up to 3 days, depending on the amount transferred.

Today, I logged in to my PayPal account just to confirm if the rumors were right and that if Safaricom has had a marriage with PayPal. To my surprise, the platform is ready and operational. It is no longer waiting line times where you could round up several days before your transaction matured through your bank account. You will be able to now make transactions online thanks to the new partnership with the global online payment PayPal and transfer to a cross-border mobile payments network.

The new service allows movement of funds between M-Pesa and PayPal accounts, a boost to international e-commerce. Qualifying customers in Kenya can now link their PayPal accounts to their M-Pesa wallets, enabling them to easily buy goods and services from merchants worldwide. This for sure has also opened up global marketplaces and the global economy to millions of Kenyans and Kenyan- based businesses and individuals.

I always say, technology is our future cancer. It will eat the flesh of unawares without considering and those who will be in the limelight are those with little knowledge of handling it. With this convenience, there is speed and relation beyond borders, as we work towards innovating robust platforms, through which more business people and product consumers can benefit from the growing e-commerce industry as was explained a few months ago by Joseph Ogutu, Safaricom’s director for strategy.

Making an Online Purchase

You will be required to set up a PayPal account or signup with the platform, which you will be able to top up any time using your real-time M-Pesa float and balance. You will be able also to withdraw funds within a timespan of few hours to three days depending on the transaction amount. What are you waiting for? Get Started!





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